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Don't feel like or have the time to make something yourself, but would you like to have something made? Then that is also possible with us. You can also request a production order from us. We will discuss together what you exactly want, which product, material, shape and the most annoying part, how much it will cost. There are different types of production requests. This way you can have a product made such as photo frames, a bench or a flower box. But it is also possible to request specific pieces and sizes of wood. Below are three examples of productions we have done to date.

Photo frames

We have made photo frames for the VIP Lansingerland. They held an exhibition in the town hall. 

Slats and Beams

Melanchton in Berkel needed slats and beams of a specific size for a lesson. We then ensure that our second-hand wood is the right size. Of course with as little sawing loss as possible. 

We also had an assignment for the North Star. They have submitted a production request to us. You can see the result of the wood used here, isn't it great?

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